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Phoebe Robinson’s Work Diary: ‘The Sausage Is Getting Made Very Publicly, but It Makes You Fearless’

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10 a.m. Conference call for potential movie role. This was a FaceTime call with a female director — just getting a feel for each other and our personalities and our working styles. These sorts of calls are cool because there’s no pressure. You either get along with someone or you don’t, so it’s nice to truly just be yourself, talk about Oprah and if the other person isn’t into it, then ya know, that’s O.K.

1 p.m. Workout. There’s a small gym in my building. It makes it so easy.

3 p.m. Launch sweepstakes announcements for “Everything’s Trash” book launch. I’m feeling good about the book. I think it’s better than the first one and I hope that people like it. At this point, you just sort of have to accept that you won’t have any control over how people receive it. Just hope for the best, promote it like crazy and then move on. It’s easy to get caught up in trying to make the best-seller list, but it’s like ... writing a book is the achievement. It’s super hard to do and the fact that in the span of three years, I’ve written two books, I’m like, “Yaaaaas Gaga.” The book tour will be exhausting, but I could be a doctor having to deliver bad news, but I’m not. So I try to have perspective and take vitamins like biotin so my Afro will be poppin’.

8 p.m. Comedy set. I’ve been doing comedy for 10 years. I think any time you go on stage, you’re going to have a small part of you that is dreading sucking, but it’s work. That’s all it is. It’s a job and you have to show and do the damn thing. No one in the audience cares about whatever is going on in my head because they paid to be entertained. And ultimately, I’m going to do thousands and thousands of shows in my life. The preciousness of it has to go away.

I don’t run my stuff in a mirror. I just have an idea, a few lines I’ve written down and sort of talk myself through it on stage and then keep refining it and figuring it out. The sausage is getting made very publicly, but it makes you fearless in a way.

7 a.m. Hair and makeup before photo shoots for T: The New York Times Style Magazine and Apartment Therapy. Over all, these shoots are chill. I’m friends with my hair and makeup people (Delina Medhin and Sabrina Rowe), so they make it a lot more enjoyable.

9 a.m. I think I want all shoots to happen at my home now. It’s nice to roll out of bed, walk around barefoot and drink a LaCroix and then shoot and then be like, “O.K., everyone leave.”

2 p.m. Post updates on socials about Black Girls Code. I got involved with this organization after I literally just Googled “black owned charities.”

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