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ITV Loose Women: 'Shouldn't say that' Mel B stuns Ruth Langsford in Spice Girls bombshell | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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Today’s edition of Loose Women was packed with excitement as Mel B was on the panel after rumours have swirled about a huge Spice Girls announcement taking place today.

Speaking to the rest of the panellists on the ITV programme - which consisted of Ruth Langsford, Stacey Solomon and Jane Moore - the 43-year-old singer revealed that the band are getting back together for a tour.

“Are you getting back together?” Ruth asked, eager for the answer.

“Yeah we are,” Mel answered with a laugh, as Ruth struggled to contain her excitement.

“I’ve been chomping at the bit to say something,” Mel then giggled, as she revealed she’d known about the news for the last four or five months.

But the star then dropped an accidental bombshell, and appeared to immediately regret it.

“Tickets come out on Friday,” she shared, as the audience went wild.

“Oh, was I supposed to say that?” the singer panicked.

Journalist Jane then went on to remind Mel the “reunion ended early” because of her last time, as the poster opened up about the struggles she’d had in her marriage.

“I couldn’t go on anymore living in this fake world,” she admitted. “Which was my marriage, not being with the band.

“I don’t think anyone knows that publicly, but I don’t mind taking the blame for it because it was my fault.”

As it stands, Mel said she doesn’t know if Victoria Beckham, affectionately known as Posh Spice in the band, will ever join the tour, but she’s going to try and make it happen.

“I’m still determined that it will be all five of us at one point,” the star clarified with a grin.

What’s more, Mel shared her hopes to have another baby with the panel, as Ruth joked there could be more news to come.

“Any more announcements you’d like to make on the show?” she demanded, as Mel laughed in response.

Later on in the show, former Strictly Come Dancing professional Brendan Cole came into the studio audience for a chat with the Loose Women.

Sharing his opinions on this series, he said: “They need a bit more personality from maybe the pros.

“You can’t say anything bad about my Anton [Du Beke],” Ruth warned.

Shrugging, Brendan recalled: “When he said about his partner I was waiting for him to go [mad] and he didn’t."

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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