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It’s the Day After the Election. What’s Your Take?

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The Democrats took control of the House and won a few critical governorships during Tuesday’s midterm elections, delivering a rebuke to President Trump, as Republicans maintained control of the Senate and had their own big successes in state races.

How are you feeling about the results? What do you think they say about the state of the country? Tell us in the comments how you think the election results will affect you, your community and the country at large. We will be featuring some of the comments below. Learn how to comment here.

Please include your full name and where you’re from.

Here are some of the reactions we have already gotten from readers in our comments section, on Twitter and in our Reader Center Facebook group. They have been lightly edited and condensed for clarity.

Mostly I’m relieved to know that while our democracy is still broken, it’s not dead, and that Democrats can actually win the races they’re projected to win. There’s good news on the diversity front, and it’s great that we’ve flipped a few Midwestern governors.

But we must accept the fact that this was not really a defeat for Trump, and may actually help him. The blue House will provide him with fresh fodder for his Twitter rants and a new place to focus his wrath and make his base feel aggrieved.

History teaches us that there is no reason to assume that the Democrats’ successes this year will lead to a return to power in 2020.

Nothing can undo the damage that Trump has already done and will continue to inflict, including the stacking of SCOTUS and lower courts with justices that will turn back the clock on hard-won rights for generations to come. And there’s no reason to hope that the deep divisions in our country won’t deepen and become even more bitter and violent.

We now know two sobering facts: Most of Trump’s voters don’t have buyer’s remorse, and voting patterns don’t radically change when everyone shows up to vote. The election confirmed that we can’t blame our country’s divisions on voter apathy or foreign agents: This is just who we are right now.

James Jacobs, Washington

Most of the media is characterizing the Democratic Party’s gains in the House as signs of Democratic revival. However, the party that does not have the White House almost always gains dramatically in the midterms.

David Gottfried, New York

I choose to believe having the Dems in charge of the House COULD be good for America and the Republican Party, but it really depends on the Dem leadership and the tone they want to start with.

Ideally, there could be old-fashioned deal making across the aisle to advance both agendas. This is no doubt a long shot.

Shep, Memphis

There is no way that last night was a big victory for Trump OR Republicans, and he knows it. The only silver lining for Trump is that the Senate stayed in Republican hands, but that is more a reflection of electoral circumstance than anything else.

SouthernBeale, Nashville

As a Canadian we are shocked at how deeply polarized the U.S. is. Uncivil and uncompromising. Sad to see. I hope the U.S. finds its way.

— @mufflerhigh, via Twitter

I have mixed feelings about the midterms, but for the most part I am excited and energized. Florida reversing the disenfranchisement of over a million voters could have a positive impact for decades to come. There are now checks and balances in Congress.

While it is disappointing that Republicans captured more Senate seats, it wasn’t entirely unexpected. We will now see a level of diversity in Congress that is historic, and that is extremely exciting for our future. Boys and girls of all races and religions will have someone representative in Congress, and that is a beautiful thing.

— Dianna Burkholder, via The New York Times’s Reader Center Facebook Group

In spite of the deep division and rancor separating the two parties and the nation, I would hope that the Democrats at least attempt to take the high road and sincerely reach across the aisle for the good of the country.

Lou Rivera, New Jersey

I’m really happy! Dems took the House, and I’m ready to push back against Trump, our only president unwilling to be president for all the people. His approach to governing has been unconscionable in that respect.

I’m motivated to fight harder for my disabled son, who depends on Medicaid nursing to survive and be a part of his community. Changes to this essential program by Trump are now stalled.

The 2018 Senate map was never good for Dems, so I’m encouraged by the strong showing of several major candidates. In 2020, the Senate map favors Dems. Lots of new Dem governors. This is not a time to despair, it’s time to seize this day and move forward!

— Jeneva Burroughs Stone, via The New York Times’s Reader Center Facebook Group

I was an organizer for Amy McGrath’s campaign in Kentucky’s Sixth Congressional District. Amy’s loss was crushing, but I still have hope for Kentucky. My state is changing; that Amy could come so close to winning in a district that voted heavily for Trump is inspiring. I am 18 years old. Many of my peers have become politicized by this race, and we don’t plan to stop fighting any time soon.

— Eliana Shapere, Lexington, Ky.

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