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Coronation Street spoilers Ali Neeson KILLS crucial character in Ronan Truman death twist? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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Ali (played by James Burrows) was visited by Ronan’s (Alan McKenna) mother Patti Truman (Anne Kent) in tonight’s first visit to .

The murderer had only just breathed a sigh of relief after the police investigation was closed over the crash which led to Ronan’s death on the soap.

However, Ali’s guilt resurfaced when Patti wanted to know the real truth behind her son's demise, not taking the impact of the crash as his cause of death.

Patti confronted Ali outside his flat as she’d hunted him down to discover the truth, with Ali blissfully unaware who the woman was.

The realisation soon dawned when Patti revealed her relation to Ronan, telling Ali she knew exactly who he was and specific details about his work.

“As you can imagine, I’ve got a lot of questions,” Patti told Ali as he looked on nervously, fearing his killer secret could once again be revealed.

Ali then took his Ronan’s mother to the cafe where he disclosed what had happened, or the story he wanted her to believe.

Although she seemed to fall for Ali’s lies at first, Patti then interrogated Ali further, telling him she didn’t believe his story.

“That’s not the whole story. You’ve left something out. Let’s try again from the beginning,” Patti told Ali.

The killer looked remorseful as if he could of been about to make a heartfelt confession over Ronan’s death.

However, later in the episode, Michelle Connor (Kym Marks) found her son slumped on the floor outside her flat in tears.

Ali told Michelle he had just been with Ronan’s mum, adding that Patti wanted to know everything and he felt she knew he had killed Ronan.

Although he told Michelle he had lied to her as he had done to the police, could this have been yet another lie as he had actually killed Patti?

Michelle then asked Ali if he had told Patti the truth, but the trainee doctor ran off before he could give his mother an answer.

Viewers of the ITV soap didn’t see the woman again in the episode after she interrogated Ali in the cafe, so could it have been possible the murderer confessed his secret and killed Patti to make sure the truth wasn’t exposed?

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