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BBC UK weather forecast: Blustery weekend ahead as 70MPH GUSTS hit | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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Stormy winds and sharp showers are likely to cause disruptions to commuters travel this weekend, as an area of low pressure swoops in.

Until then, the weather today is expected to be quite bright and sunny, although dry conditions cannot be guaranteed.

That is because another weather front is moving up from the south-west and will bring rain to central parts of the UK through the course of the day.

BBC Breakfast weather reporter Carol Kirkwood warned viewers some of them would wake up to quite brisk conditions this morning.

She said: “If you’re just stepping out today you might be blue because it’s quite a chilly start to the day and some of us are looking at a touch of frost.

“But the forecast for today is a dry and brighter one for many of us than it was yesterday, however there is the risk of showers most of them in the west.”

Thursday will start of rather chilly, with a touch of frost in towns and cities, before the weather front arrives.

Temperatures could be a low as four Celsius in some central areas, while the highest heat value may reach nine degrees.

In western regions there will be some showery rain, pushing northwards across Scotland during the day, before another ripple of rain moves into south west England.

Additionally, more cloud is expected in western areas, as well as England, Wales and Northern England in the afternoon.

However, there is going to be lots of sunshine in the forecast today, particularly in the north and the south, and the south-east.

This afternoon temperatures in the south-east quarter of the UK could make 14 Celsius, which is quite mild for this time of year.

Tomorrow an area of low pressure will bring a spell rain and gales, some of which could be quite severe across western sections of the UK.

It is predicted there will be some travel disruptions due to the gales and heavy rain falling on saturated ground.

After the downpours on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning Britain is braced for an extended period of heavy rain.

Bookmaker Coral make this November just 6-4 to be the wettest on record in UK history, as meteorologists predict thunderstorms to hit this week.

“It had been 4-1 at the start of the month, but with a wet start and the worst yet to come the odds have been dropping by the day,” Coral’s spokesman Harry Aitkenhead said.

“There’s now a real chance that this November will enter the record books as the wettest we’ve ever seen.”

The firm also make it odds on at 10-11 for wind speeds to reach 100mph or greater by the end of the weekend.

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