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Naga, 43, couldn’t hold back her reaction on as she discussed customer complaints in supermarkets with her co-host.

As she and Charlie, 56, were reading the newspaper headlines, Naga brought one story to the attention of viewers.

After reading the outline of the story - which was about customers unable to bring themselves to complain in shops - Naga posed a few questions to Charlie about the way he conducts himself in supermarkets.

Charlie admitted he would be willing to complain but revealed to his co-host some rather startling information.

Bringing the piece to camera, Naga said: “This is taking a look at how we’re really not good at complaining.”

The BBC Breakfast presenter continued: “We accept shoddy goods, bad service because we don’t have the confidence to complain.

“A survey has found that 72 percent of shoppers wish they were better at asking for a refund or a replacement and the younger generation is less likely to be proactive. The older generation is the one.”

Naga then queried to Charlie: “I wondered if you happily complain about something?”

Charlie replied: “Complain, yes. Well I’m fairly happy to complain about things,” to which Naga asked: “Do you complain nicely?”

He replied: “Yes. Sometimes they say don’t get angry too early.”

However, Charlie then disclosed some more information about customer complaints, adding: “Although there are people who say if you’re complaining in a shop, making quite a lot of noise is a good thing because the one thing they want to shut down is some…”

Before Charlie could finish his statement, Naga pulled an disconcerted face as she interrupted to say: “I couldn’t do that.

“I’m very forthright about my complaining when I complain but I wouldn’t be loud,” Naga revealed.

The pair then continued to sift through the other newspaper articles of the day to bring to the attention of viewers at home.

On yesterday’s show

The moment was off camera, however when Sally returned to the screen, she could be seen chuckling away as Dan asked her what had got her in a fluster.

However, Louise Minchin, 50, revealed to the audience what had happened: “I think Dan was aggressively blowing his nose wasn’t he?”

Dan then explain himself, telling the audience: “I was trying to do it while Guardiola was talking. There’s no need to draw attention to it.”

Sally then told the anchor presenter: “You sound like Harriet the Donkey,” referring to a previous story.

“Alright, that’s unnecessary,” Dan jokingly hit back at Sally as she made light of the situation.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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