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Andrew Gillum concedes to DeSantis in FL Governor race

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Andrew Gillum told a crowd full of supporters that he's 'not going anywhere' after conceding in the Florida Gubernatorial race. Gillum lost to former Congressman Ron DeSantis in a closely contested election. Always considered a toss-up election, the race for governor quickly became beset by racial controversies after DeSantis made the infamous comment after his primary that voters shouldn't “monkey this up” by electing Democrat Andrew Gillum, the state’s first African-American gubernatorial nominee. DeSantis also struggled to distance himself from supporters who used racial slurs after Gillum and others argued it revealed the 40-year-old Republican's tolerance for racist rhetoric. For more on this story: Do you like what you see? Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Like USA TODAY on Facebook: Follow USA TODAY on Twitter:

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