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Alleged white supremacist who was kicked out of Alberta UCP briefly joined Maxime Bernier’s party

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An alleged white supremacist who was kicked out of Alberta’s United Conservative Party found a new political home for a brief time in Maxime Bernier‘s fledgling People’s Party of Canada.

Adam Strashok’s name has vanished from the membership list on a Facebook page where Bernier supporters organize online.

But a cached version of the “People’s Network – Alberta” page from mid-September shows he had joined the party and signed up two others.

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A party spokesman wouldn’t directly answer when asked if Strashok is still a party member and, if so, whether his membership would be revoked.

But in an email, Martin Masse says Strashok has not been elected to any interim electoral district association board and is not involved in organizing for Bernier.

In a bid to insulate itself from extremists, the People’s Party is asking all members of its riding associations to sign a pledge promising that they haven’t done anything, and won’t do anything in the future, that would embarrass the party.

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The Canadian Press couldn’t reach Strashok to ask him about his party affiliations.

Alberta UCP Leader Jason Kenney last month disavowed Strashok after reports by online media outlets revealed he had posted anti-Semitic and white supremacist messages on social media sites.

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