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Wanderlust BBC spoilers Fans ‘repulsed’ by bizarre Toni Collette scene | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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Wanderlust followed actress Toni Collette, 45, starring as Joy Richards who is a therapist trying to find a way to keep the spark with her husband, Alan Richards (Steven Mackintosh), alive.

It comes after a cycling accident caused her to reassess their relationship.

The couple decided to have an open relationship after years of marriage.

Tonight’s episode saw Joy and Alan facing up to the seismic changes in their lives, prompted after a tense encounter with Claire (Zawe Ashton) while in a DIY store.

Joy decided to take a risk and go on a bold journey, retracing the route she took at the time of the cycling accident.

Their children were also experiencing major life changes of their own, as son Tom’s (Joe Hurst) new relationship progressed in a surprising way.

The pair’s daughter Laura (Celeste Dring) also figured out who she wanted to be with.

However, it was the long sequence of Joy eating for several minutes with no dialogue which confused and annoyed viewers at home.

Viewers, who have turned in from the very start despite the “confusing” storyline, instantly took to social media following the segments.

One fumed: “If I wanted to watch someone scoffing their face with cakes for 10 minutes, I’d bl**dy go to a cake shop or get on YouTube! FML!! #Wanderlust.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever been so annoyed at watching someone eat who wasn’t chomping!” posted another.

A third raged: “It’s stressing me out the way she’s eating them cakes #wanderlust.”

“This scene is cringe, I hate listening to people eat!! I have had enough of Joy now. #wanderlust #bbc1,” said another.

A fifth huffed: “She’s repulsing me with that eating #wanderlust.”

“Why is she eating those cakes in such a weird way and tipping her head back? #wanderlust,” questioned another.

While the show concluded tonight, the BBC has not yet made any official announcements for the continuation of the show with a second series.

An announcement regarding a second season is likely to be made in the coming weeks after tonight’s final episode.

The shows ratings and reviews will also have to be analysed by bosses at both the BBC and Netflix before a decision can be made.

While Wanderlust was a six-part series for the first season, a second series could potentially be longer to explore further storylines.

Wanderlust is available to watch on the  iPlayer now.

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