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WARNING: This article contains spoilers from the The Walking Dead season nine, episode one.

There was blood, gore and violence in the premiere of The Walking Dead season nine, which delighted viewers at home.

The drama unfolded when Maggie Greene (played by Lauren Cohan) was introduced to viewers as the winner of the Hilltop election.

Her position of authority displeased Gregory (Xander Berkeley), who has had his reservations about Maggie for sometime and wanted to put a stop to her leadership.

Fans of the show will remember Gregory as a cowardly leader, who sold out his people to Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and then returned to the Hilltop, grovelling for forgiveness.

Desperate to get rid of Maggie, Gregory used those around him to get to her by manipulating Tammy Rose (Brett Butler), the wife of Earl (John Finn), a blacksmith on the Hilltop.

Tammy has harboured ill feelings towards her husband for not being furious with Maggie for “getting her son killed”.

In the premiere episode Gregory handed Tammy alcohol, before eventually sharing the drink with Earl, despite knowing he was sober.

Drunk and emotional, Earl wanted to make things right with his wife and Gregory knew this, so suggested Maggie was not the rightful leader of the Hilltop.

Fired up by Gregory words, Earl attacked Maggie but she and others managed to stop him before it was too late and he succeeded in his assassination attempt.

Maggie was certain Gregory was behind Earl’s foiled plot and executed him after he tried to plunge a knife into her neck.

Viewers celebrated Maggie’s triumph, as many had longed to see the back of Gregory and approved of her leadership.

One fan said: “The Walking Dead season nine episode one was satisfying enough for a season premiere! Many thing happened within the hour. I’m glad Gregory is finally dead after several times of his judgment being postponed.”

“There was just a few too many people living on The Walking Dead. Gregory was a good start,” another fan quipped.

A third wrote: “The only spoiler I’ve loved seeing with The Walking Dead so far is Gregory dying.”

Someone else said: “The first episode of The Walking Dead is very enjoyable, especially the ending. Gregory got what he deserved after two or three seasons, especially after now trying to kill Maggie.”

Two others tweeted: “My mom just cheered when Gregory died,” and “The Walking Dead’s Maggie took care of Gregory finally!”

The premiere episode was a major moment for actress Lauren Cohan, who recently revealed she was quitting her role as Maggie.

Earlier this year she said: “Eight years is a really long time to be in those emotional depths.”

The Walking Dead season nine continues on AMC next Sunday.

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