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The Kavanaugh Report: Reactions From Senators on the Right and Left

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The Senate on Thursday received a single copy of the F.B.I.’s findings from a reopened background investigation into Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, a nominee for the Supreme Court.

Judge Kavanaugh was accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women. One accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, appeared in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee last week to testify about the incident.

Senator Mitch McConnell, the majority leader, has set a procedural vote sometime Friday to advance Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination.

Here are reactions from the right and left to the report and the future of Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination.

“Several weeks ago, a confidential allegation of misconduct from nearly 40 years ago was leaked to the press. Since then, other allegations have poured forth, many were just patently ridiculous. A feeding frenzy of ridiculous accusations.”

Adding, “Nobody is supposed to be guilty until proven innocent in the United States of America. The senate should not set a fundamentally un-American precedent here.”

“There’s nothing in it that we didn’t already know.”

Adding, “I trust that the career agents of the F.B.I. have done their work independent of political or partisan considerations. That’s exactly what senators from both sides asked for. Now it’s up to senators to fulfill their constitutional duty and make a judgment. No one is on trial and the Senate is not a courtroom.”

“There was no new corroborating evidence. I’m satisfied it was comprehensive, so I feel confident in the report. I’ll just reaffirm my support for Judge Kavanaugh. You have to look at the facts, and the facts present a challenge for her story.”

“They were given the latitude they wanted. Nobody told them where to go, who to interview or how to interview them. The ten people that they interviewed made sense to me in terms of who you would be asking questions regarding the Ford and Ramirez event.”

Adding, “I am more confident than ever of Brett Kavanaugh that the allegations levied against him were not proven to be more reliable. Quite the opposite.”

“The supplemental background investigation found absolutely zero corroboration of the allegations that have been made. I plan to vote for Judge Kavanaugh and believe he will be confirmed very soon.”

“We had many fears that this was a very limited process that would constrain the F.B.I. from getting all the facts. Having received a thorough briefing on the documents, those fears have been realized.”

Adding, “I disagree, having received a briefing on all of the documents, I disagree with Senator Grassley’s statement that there was no hint of misconduct.”

“What I can say is that the most notable part of this report is what’s not in it.”

Adding, “It looks to be a product of an incomplete investigation that was limited — perhaps by the White House, I don’t know.”

“The materials I just reviewed did not answer all of the questions that I have. And in some ways, I am left with more questions than answers.”

“This report raises more questions than answers. It is really a story of unfollowed leads, un-interviewed witnesses.” Adding, “It smacks of a whitewash.”

“I can say that absolutely nothing I saw makes me believe Dr. Ford any less. And in fact, based on what I saw I am even more concerned about the veracity of some of what we heard from Judge Kavanaugh. But even more important than anything we heard from the F.B.I. today was how much we weren’t able to see because the investigation was so limited.”

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