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The Circle on Channel 4: Precious left in TEARS as she is blocked in huge shock | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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Tonight’s instalment of the Channel 4 reality competition saw all the remaining contestants reflecting on the aftermath of last night’s massive bust-up between Sian and Precious.

Sian invited Precious to a private chat so the pair could clear the air, but things quickly went from awkward to tense as they struggled to make amends.

The group went on to enter into an exciting baking challenge, as the contestants fought to decorate the best unicorn cakes.

Sian won the cake challenge, but the jovial atmosphere was short-lived as the Circle members were suddenly told they had to rate each other for a seventh time.

Harry and Precious were no longer exempt and were clearly worried as the daunting task got underway.

After some emotional scenes, Precious ended up being blocked from the Circle.

In tears, Precious struggled to understand exactly why she had been voted out of the game, blaming her recent feud with Sian as the reason.

Then another twist suddenly arrived as the blocked contestant was given the opportunity to meet one of the remaining players.

In a surprising turn of events, Precious decided to show up at Sian’s room unannounced.

Yet rather than finally put their issues to rest, Precious and Sian’s conversation turned into another argument.

“You didn’t like me from the start, you should be welcoming every new player to the game,” Precious declared. “You should be giving everyone an equal opportunity.”

Stunned by Precious’ comments, Sian replied: “I haven’t said I didn’t like you babe.”

Eventually, the argument dwindled and while Sian told the blocked player there was “no hard feelings”, it was quite clear how she truly felt.

“What the f*****g s**t was that?” she asked when the door had closed.

Taking to Twitter, viewers shared their feelings on what had happened.

“I think it would have been a better use of Precious’ time to start packing rather than begging to stay #TheCircle,” one person said.

Another simply wrote: “#Savage #TheCircle,” while a third agreed: “Brutal #TheCircle.”

A fourth added: “Precious killed herself with her attitude. #TheCircle.”

The Circle continues tomorrow at 10pm on Channel 4.

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