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The Chase: Paul Sinha reveals Bradley Walsh’s SHOCKING routine | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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The Chase presenter, Bradley Walsh, is a man of many talents.

He can act, present game shows and he can also sing.

Bradley has released a few albums and tends to stick to jazz, yet on today’s show it was revealed he also enjoys rapping.

One of today’s contestants was met with a question on a famous US rapper.

“Which US rapper was famous for popularising baggy trousers that dropped in the crotch and tapered to the lower leg?” asked Bradley.

The contestant, Carrie, opted to go for Snoop Dog, which was obviously the incorrect answer.

Paul, on the other hand, got the correct answer which was MC Hammer.

The Chaser then went on to reveal a little-known fact about Bradley and what he gets up to before the show.

“You have a routine of looking in the mirror before even show and reciting the lyrics to Don’t Touch This,” revealed Paul.

Bradley remained stony-faced during this revelation and decided to reveal what his actual favourite MC Hammer song was.

“That’s not my favourite. Don’t Pass Me By. Lots of gospel,” he said with his arms crossed.

Unfortunately, Carrie didn’t make it to the final round, yet it has to be said she had a very tough set of questions.

There seemed to be a lot of tension between Bradley and Paul on today’s show.

Bradley had previously asked Paul when his mother was going to invite him round for dinner.

“When’s your Mum going to invite me round for food?” asked Bradley.

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