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WARNING: This article contains spoilers for The Apprentice Week Two

Tonight saw the second episode of The Apprentice 2018 air on BBC One, and with it the second firing of the season.

Lord Sugar split the candidates into two groups and tasked them with creating a brand-new comic aimed at 8-12 year olds.

Here’s who ended up getting fired from The Apprentice 2018 tonight.

Who left The Apprentice last night?

David Alden became the second person to leave this year’s Apprentice tonight after Sarah Byrne was given the boot last week.

On the Boys’ Team, Frank Brooks was project manager and Khadija Kalifa took on the role for the Girls.

The Boys Team PM brought David into the boardroom because his story writing and poor pitching skills lost them the challenge.

This week’s challenge saw the teams tasked with inventing a new comic name, main character and original story as well as designing a dynamic front cover using cutting-edge AR.


With comics printed overnight, they needed to pitch to leading industry figures to secure orders.

The task balanced creative flair with productive pitching and the team that neglected either faced a graphic showdown in the boardroom.

The team that secured the most orders won.

In this case it was the Girls who came out on top with 14,500 comics sold.

The Boys only managed to sell 950 and Lord Sugar dubbed their comic “no good” and “absolute rubbish”.

PM Frank brought both David and Kurran Pooni back into the boardroom.

David, who had put himself forward as PM said he is a fan of writing children’s stories in his spare time.

However, his story failed to impress the buyers and subsequently Lord Sugar which cost him his place in the competition.

His focus on the negative parts of the comic in his pitch also saw him slated by his fellow teammates.

Lord Sugar told him: “David, your hobby is writing stories and this was a load of rubbish - absolute garbage.”

He added: “David, you go into a pitch, read out the negative parts of your own project.

“You’ve got no business acumen and for that reason, David, you’re fired.”

Following his dismissal, David said that Frank was the one who should have been fired.

“I’m just so so so gutted to be leaving at this early stage.”

The Apprentice airs Wednesdays at 9pm on BBC One

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