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The Apprentice 2018: Viewers spot naughty word in the background of the show | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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It unfolded on the BBC show as the teams went about brainstorming ideas for their characters.

But as the girls spoke about their game plan, those at home spotted something odd on the board behind them.

What appeared to be magnets looked to be arranged in such a way that they spelled out a cheeky phrase on The Apprentice.

Subsequently, fans took to Twitter to relay what they had just seen.

“Does it say “lol t*t” on the board at the back? #TheApprentice,” one questioned.

Another joked: “There’s always a t*t in the background on #TheApprentice.”

“He he T*t! #TheApprentice,” a third laughed.

However, it seemed to go unnoticed by the team.

The show saw the teams pitted against each other to try and plug their comics to retailers.

The girls team decided to create “M.C Gogo” as an educational tool for children who taught French via rapping.

Meanwhile, the boys team had “Benji”, a young boy with superpowers for their character.

Claude Littner and Karren Brady were on hand to watch the candidates and feed back to Lord Sugar about their performances.

Former contestant Elizabeth McKenna has revealed that the pair of them take on a lot more work than what viewers may see on screen.

Elizabeth spilled exclusively to “For Claude and for Karren, I mean they are immense.

“If you actually watch the level of work that Karren and Claude actually put into it…people just think they watch from afar and sit and take notes but the two of them are involved in the biggest boards in the country in business.

“They’re doing that job whilst bounding around filming, tracking us walking along the streets of London watching us chase chickens and god knows what and then they’ll go back to a car and be in contact with their offices doing their immense jobs.

“Nobody knows how hard they work.

“Everyone that puts all that effort in, it’s just immense and people don’t see that when you just watch it in the middle of November on a Wednesday night with your cup of tea.

“You don’t see that. When you open your eyes and take yourself out of your shoes and into another pair you really do see the amount of effort everyone puts in.”

The Apprentice continues Wednesdays at 9pm on BBC One.

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