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Strictly Come Dancing 2018: Stacey Dooley ecstatic as they soar to top of leaderboard | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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Strictly Come Dancing is back, and that meant that Stacey Dooley and Kevin Clifton were back on the dance floor.

Stacey and Kevin were performing the Foxtrot to Jim Diamond’s Hi Ho Silver.

The couple proved to be very popular with the judges who were very impressed with their performance.

They were so impressed they gave Stacey and Kevin a grand total of 33 which took them to the top of the leaderboard, much to Stacey and Kevin’s joy.

“I was dragging Kev around the country,” revealed Stacey after the performance, just before the judges’ scored were announced.

She also explained it was Kevin’s birthday today and he was then given a cake with a picture of the pair on it.

The judges then revealed their incredible scores for their performance, which included a nine from Bruno Tonioli.

This was their very first nine and saw the couple soar to the top of the leaderboard.

Stacey was ecstatic, yet it was Kevin who truly lost it as he proceeded to slam his head into his birthday cake.

Everyone was looking on in amazement as Kevin celebrated after what was a very difficult week for the pair.

“At what point did I become the boss of this relationship?” asked Kevin in the video.

He continued: “I don’t feel like I’ve been the boss at any point.”

“You’ve always been the boss, what are you talking about?” said Stacey in an effort to encourage Kevin.

“From day one Kev!” she added.

Strictly Come Dancing continues tomorrow on BBC One at 7.45pm.

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