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Strictly Come Dancing 2018: Seann Walsh and Katya Jones suffer subtitle fail | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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Seann Walsh and Katya Jones caused some controversy on Strictly Come Dancing this week.

The pair were snapped kissing on Sunday evening, yet they were determined to put it behind them and concentrate on the dancing this week.

The pair did well on the show as their energetic performance was praised by the judges and they received high scores for their efforts.

However, they were caught in an embarrassing subtitle fail, where Claudia Winkleman’s words were incorrectly transcribed.

“You know, the lifts are the easiest bit,” Seann told Claudia after their stunt-filled performance.

He continued: “Because I struggle with breath as I’m dancing because I’m panicking, but that’s the bit when you can breath.”

After their scores were revealed, Claudia said, “You looked so happy with that six,” referring to the six that Craig Revel Horwood game the couple.

However, the subtitles read: “You look so happy with that sex.”

Given everything that’s happened this week, it’s safe to say that this subtitle mishap was unfortunate for the pair.

That said, their performance was well-received and it looks like Seann and Katya will live to fight another day in the competition.

However, Seann was up to his old tricks on the show this evening and it didn’t really please the viewers.

The comedian was spotted bobbing up and down in the background after Katie Piper’s performance and it angered viewers who took to Twitter to voice their opinions.

One viewer wrote: “What the heck is that n** head Sean doing in the background? Creeping up and down like the unfunny creep he is?!”

“Why did Seann look like he’s going up and down slowly in a lift behind Katie and Gorka?” another said.

A third viewer tweeted: “Can someone on #Strictly please ask Sean(n) Walsh why he is bobbing up and down every time he is in camera view behind someone talking? Appears you still have lack of respect for anyone!”

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