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Saturday Kitchen Live: Matt Tebbutt scolded by Al Murray for wrong pronunciation  | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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Saturday Kitchen Live was hosted by Matt, 44, this morning, and joining him as the celebrity guest was Al, 50.

Following a segment with chef Rick Stein, 71, Matt was keen to stick with the seafood theme and had created an oyster recipe to which Al was going to help him cook. 

However, during the dish’s introduction, Matt stumbled over the pronunciation of an ingredient's name and found himself being scolded by Al, as well as reducing the other chef guests to hysterical laughter. 

“So, I’m going to do Po-Bo,” Matt explained, before asking Al: “Have you ever hand one of those?”

“Po-Bo? Have you lost your mind,” Al joked. 

“It’s basically deep fried oysters,” Matt continued, before he was interrupted by the other chef guests. 

“Po-Boy! It’s Po-Boy! Come on!” They interjected and then fell about laughing at his error. 

While everyone else seemed to laugh at his expense, Matt tried to hold it together and added: “So what I am going to try and do is take these oysters, deep fry them, basically stuff them in a nice breadcrumb with some dressings and stuff.”

Before he gave up and said: “Shall we just have a chat?” 

“No, no, you make the Po-Bo go on!” Al mocked the host. “Crack on with the Po-Bo, or is it Po-Boy?”

“Anyway, let’s move on from that!” Matt exclaimed in embarrassment. “Thanks for pointing that out.” 

Viewers watching at home, took to Twitter to express their broad views on the dish Matt was creating. 

“#SaturdayKitchen Great show Matt, amazingly cooked oysters, look lovely,” one said. 

Another commented: “#SaturdayKitchen Po…whatever! Never heard of it and it looks like he’s deconstructing vomit!”

“Loving @SaturdayKitchen today. Great entertainment and some super food. Not sure on the Po-Bo though! #SaturdayKitchen,” a third added. 

It comes after last week’s show when Matt shut down guest chef Ken Hom OBE. 

While he explained the method behind creating a marinade for his chicken dish, Ken insisted the meat needed to be marinated for no less than 45minutes - but “preferably overnight”.

The conversation then moved to Ken talking about transportation in China and how a train to Canton used to take three hours, but now only takes 48 minutes. 

And Matt didn’t wait around, as he jumped in to joke: “Almost as long as it takes to marinate your chicken!”

Saturday Kitchen Live airs every Saturday at 10am on BBC One. 

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