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Riverdale season 3 spoilers: Betty Cooper’s dad Hal to RETURN in twin twist? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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fans are no doubt anxiously waiting to find out what is in store for Betty Cooper (played by Lili Reinghart), Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse) and Archie Andrews (KJ Apa).

However, one character fans might not be expecting to see again is Hal Cooper (Lochlyn Munro).

Hal was last seen being revealed as the Black Hood killer, who had been terrorising the residents of Riverdale.

Fans saw him being locked up to rot in prison but it seems he could be released in a twist no one saw coming.

Actor Lochlyn has hinted his character, whose family has a history of twins, could have a twin brother who is posing as him.

He teased his twin could be the one in prison with Hal still running around Riverdale.

Speaking to, he dished: “The thing is that Roberto (Aguirre-Sacasa) doesn’t tell me anything from episode to episode.

“So I have no idea if I stay in prison or if I break out, or if it’s even Hal in prison.”

Lohlyn went on to add: “Maybe it’s a twin brother… I have no idea!

“So I mean, I hope I break out, because it’s a little boring in prison.”

It comes after showrunner e.

He revealed the outcome of being framed for murder will be revealed in the first episode of season three.

Roberto explained: “Everyone is treating season three like it’s season one.

“We want this to be an edge-of-your-seat season, so we’re really excited.

“Unless you’re Archie, of course, who probably wouldn’t mind a little less drama.”

Roberto added to “We’ll definitely know Archie’s fate by the end of the episode.

“One thing we’re doing a little bit different this year is jumping in time - three months to be exact - so when we meet up with Archie, he’s midtrial.”

Unfortunately for fans, Roberto remained tight-lipped on whether Archie would be locked up.

If the teen is forced to pay for a crime he did not commit, how will it affect his relationship with girlfriend Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes)?

Riverdale seasons 3 returns to CW on Wednesday 10 October and for UK viewers, Netflix on Thursday 11 October.

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