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Jeremy Kyle's EMBARRASSING admission about common household chore | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

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Jeremy Kyle advised men to never iron naked.

He then revealed, in a rather embarrassing admission, that he once accidentally ironed his penis.

Speaking on Talkradio, The Jeremy Kyle Show host divulged: “About seven years ago one dark Tuesday morning in my house, before I left to go to the studio, I needed to iron a shirt.

“All I’m going to say gentleman is never iron naked, because I quite literally managed to iron my penis.”

The topic came into discussion when Jeremy Kyle, also known as Jezza, asked This Morning celebrity chef Gino D’Acampo about cooking naked.

He asked in a rather direct manner: “Do you ever cook naked at home?”

To which Mr D’Acampo joked: “I try not to, because cooking can be dangerous with flame and oil, and you can get the wrong sausage on the BBQ.”

It was then that the bizarre conversation turned to the subject of ironing.

Jeremy Kyle launched his new talkRadio weekend show back in August.

Jezza started his broadcasting career in radio, and was mostly known for his late-night phone-in shows.

His new show began on 18 August and airs between 1-4pm each Saturday.

Jeremy Kyle said: “Radio was my first love as a broadcaster and where it all began for my on-air career.

“I can’t wait to return with talkRADIO, reviewing the week’s biggest stories and unpicking the issues with some big name guests too.

“As with all of my shows, audiences can expect open, honest opinion, a direct approach and no doubt a few a disagreements along the way.”

Talkradio Programme Director Dennie Morris added: “talkRADIO aims to get the nation talking and that’s exactly what we’ll get with Jeremy, who is synonymous with up-front, unfiltered opinion.

“This broadcasting legend will hugely appeal to our listeners and bring in new audiences with his no-nonsense attitude and candid, outspoken views.”

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