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Keanu Taylor (played by Danny Walters) and Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) have managed to keep their sordid affair a secret for sometime, but in next week’s instalment of EastEnders t he couple will fear they risk being exposed when someone tries to blackmail them with evidence of their fling.

At the start of the week, Keanu and Sharon will decide to keep their relationship quiet when they are almost caught kissing in an episode of the BBC soap.

Then, when Sharon receives a text message from an unidentified number, telling her they know about her secret, she is horrified.

It gets a lot worse when the unknown person then sends over evidence of their fling, making it clear they are not bluffing.

Later, the secret lovers are issued a major ultimatum, forcing Sharon to end things with young Keanu.

With Sharon calling quits on their relationship, will the mystery texter leave her and Keanu alone?

Or, will the anonymous messenger continue to rattle the twosome before they finally come clean to everyone?

Both Keanu and Sharon have a lot to lose if their romance is revealed, not least Sharon’s marriage to Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden).

Speaking about the upcoming storyline, Danny Walter, who plays Keanu, said his character and Sharon have their suspicions about who might be the mysterious texter.

“There's definitely a few speculations and theories that they have, but it could be anyone. It means the tension is much higher now,” he told Digital Spy.

“The pressure is on. It really does test them and we'll soon find out who it will be. Although I can't really say too much about that right now.”

When asked about Sharon’s decision to end it with Keanu, Danny replied: “Keanu is confused a lot with their relationship and where it's going.

“He is emotionally invested in Sharon, but at the same time, he's getting mixed signals and mixed vibes from her all the time.”

He added: “Their relationship is being tested and there's a lot of pressure on them, as well as a lot of questions that need to be answered.”

Teasing a showdown between Keanu and Phil, Danny enthused: "If there was a showdown, it would be a very good episode or two.

“It would be an honour to work with Steve on such a great story."

Long-standing fans of the show know Phil is not one to let someone get the upper hand on him, so it would surely be a ruthless clash.

However, it’s one Danny welcomes as he said he has always admired actor Steve and would appreciate the opportunity to work closer with him.

Gushing about 59-year-old Steve, Danny said: “Any chance I've had to work with Steve has been amazing. I’ve learned a lot from him and he's a very talented actor. I'm very privileged to work with him.

EastEnders continues Thursday on BBC One at 7.30pm.

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