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Debbie McGee: Strictly Come Dancing star caught nearly naked in awkward moment | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

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The 59-year-old former magician’s assistant didn’t have to fake her story when she read out a tall tale from her cue card on the BBC comedy gameshow.

Dressed in patterned halterneck top, Debbie McGee looked the picture of glamour, her signature platinum tresses coiffed into a stylish down ‘do.

Peering down at the card in front of her, she told her fellow panellists: “The police once surrounded my house after I set off an alarm in my bikini bottoms.”

Unperturbed by her audience’s clear disbelief, the Strictly Come Dancing favourite explained: “It was the house alarm. I was ironing in the garden with my bikini on and I had the remote control tucked down my bikini bottoms.”

Debbie said she had unknowingly pressed something like a panic button which called the police.

“I didn’t know because it doesn’t set the alarms off, it just rings the police,” she said. “So 15 policemen came round the corner.”

Host Rob Brydon, 53, then chipped in, joking: “They shouted, ‘No! Start with the collar then the sleeves!"

“How did they react? Did they see the funny side?” he asked.

At that point, comedian Bob Mortimer, 59, couldn’t help himself, piping up with a very cheeky comment.

“No, she wasn’t facing them,” he quipped, causing his fellow stars to fall about laughing.

Debbie gasped, looking stunned as she giggled at the naughty remark.

“I’m so sorry!” Bob said, still chuckling.

“I know that’s rude but I can’t quite figure out why,” Rob said.

The Would I Lie To You panellists were amused when Debbie finally revealed her story was, in fact, true.

Debbie was famously married to magician Paul Daniels for nearly 30 years before his death in 2016.

Paul died just four weeks after being diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Last year, Debbie joined the cast of Strictly Come Dancing, where she was paired with professional dancer Giovanni Pernice, 28.

The pair made it all the way to the grand final after she impressed the fans and judges with her masterful technique.

She even earned herself the nickname Flexi McGee for her incredibly bendy performances.

Would I Lie To You continues next Friday at 9.30pm on BBC One.

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