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Debbie McGee: Strictly Come Dancing star received messages from Giovanni after first rehea | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

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Speaking on The Telegraph’s Strictly podcast, Debbie McGee, 59, said: “On the first day we swapped numbers just in case we needed to you know…

“Well actually, I think he was going to send me a little video of what we learned on the first day, so we swapped numbers and email addresses.

“Most nights, he sent me little messages saying well done.”

Host Rachel then said: “So he set you homework on your first day basically?”

Debbie replied: “Yeah, but he knew I wanted that. I told him I just want to do the best I possibly can.”

The BBC radio host went on to describe her first dance with Giovanni, 27, where she admitted it was an embarrassing encounter.

She explained: “If anyone looks at YouTube at what my very first dance was, it was a Paso Doble which I don’t think they’d done as a very first dance before on Strictly, and it was to Be Italian, which is a sexy dance.”

She added: “The first section of that dance, Giovanni was on a motorbike and I’m like a waitress at a table.

“He gets off his bike and goes and sits on a chair with his legs wide open and I had to do a sort of sexy saunter towards him and walk behind the chair and put my hand down his bare chest and back up again.”

Giggling, she added: “This is the embarrassing bit, do a kick round with my toe and knee bent, in between his legs in the gap which was left on the chair, which wasn’t very big!

“Every time we did it it was so close,” the Strictly star continued. “I’m blushing even thinking about it. It was so nerve-wracking.”

Debbie’s flexible moves won her a place in the show’s final and recently a National Reality TV award for Best Dance with Giovanni.

The dancing duo missed out on the Glitterball trophy to Joe McFadden and Katya Jones.

The former magician’s assistant competed on the show a year after losing her husband Paul Daniels.

Paul died in 2016 aged 77 after being diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Debbie admitted appearing on the BBC show “frightened” her as she feared certain songs would remind her of the late magician.

When asked if she had a say on the song choices, she told the podcast: “No, I was frightened of that because having lost Paul, most of the music that is really close to my heart would remind me of Paul and I was really aware of that.”

She continued: “But, I have to say, there wasn’t one week that I didn’t love what we were dancing to.

“Music really does move me and I hope that came out in my dancing.”

Strictly Come Dancing continues tonight at 6.30pm on BBC One.

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