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Customer weighs in on Little Caesars-DiGiorno snafu

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A viral video showing a shopping cart full of DiGiorno frozen pizzas at a Little Caesars location led many to believe that the chain was serving DiGiorno, but Little Caesars says that's not the case. When Little Caesars investigated, the company found the video was shot at an Indiana Kmart, spokeswoman Jill Proctor told USA TODAY in an emailed statement Tuesday. Kmart was in the process of disposing of expired DiGiorno pizzas when the video was shot, Proctor said. A manager had directed an employee to temporarily store the pizzas in a cooler next to the Little Caesars location, Proctor wrote. The store had learned the pizzas were expired close to closing time and planned to dispose of them in the morning. Do you like what you see? Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Like USA TODAY on Facebook: Follow USA TODAY on Twitter:

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