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Carol Kirkwood is known for her regular weather slot on BBC Breakfast, however there is a daring side to the presenter, which very few people know about.

Meteorologist Carol, 56, is “obsessed with cars” and has been since she was a young girl, although her love for fast vehicles got her in trouble at times.

“I used to sit in mum’s Austin Maxi on Sunday afternoons, pretending I was driving as I listened to the Top 40,” Carol recounted.

“Even when I was little, I was obsessed with cars.”

But it was her infatuation with cars that led to her shocking car crash at the tender age of nine.

Recalling the collision, Carol told The Sunday Times back in February: “Dad had a Jag and we were all out having dinner at a hotel one day.

“No one locked their cars back then and somehow, at nine years old, I managed to get in and release the handbrake.

“It was parked on an incline and started to roll towards a very solid-looking stone wall. Smack! Dad was furious!”

Despite the encounter, Carol’s late father taught her and her siblings how to drive, although he chose a remote location to conduct his lessons.

“Dad taught us all to drive in the local fields,” Carol reminisced. “He would take me down these very windy dirt tracks.

“Then get me reversing through gates while avoiding the sheep. I used to see more sheep on the road than cars.”

Nowadays, Carol is always surrounded by cars as she works in the city as one of BBC Breakfast’s most loved presenter.

She joined the morning programme in 1998, but has no intention of leaving the show, despite working there for two decades.

“I’d never give up the weather on Breakfast,” Carol declared in an interview with Radio Times.

“If they showed me the door I would hang on by my fingernails. So, as long as Breakfast wants me, I’ll be there, because I love it,” she said.

Carol, a nine times winner of the weather presenter of the year award, recently joined Strictly Come Dancing stars Stacey Dooley and Tess Daly in launching the 2018 Do Your Thing campaign for BBC Children In Need.

In photos for the fundraiser, Carol posed in the infamous Pudsey ears and finished off the look with a grey T-shirt and black trousers.

The campaign asks people across the UK to ‘Do Your Thing’ to help change the lives of disadvantaged children and young people across the UK.

Carol said: “I hope as many people as possible find the time to join in Doing THEIR Thing, to raise even more money than last year."

As part of the campaign lunch, Carol visited The Yard in Edinburgh, an organisation benefiting from BBC Children in Need funding, to see how the public’s donations are making a difference to disadvantaged children and young people in Scotland.

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