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Big Brother 2018 Kenaley left in tears after upsetting Isaac clash | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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However, the Big Brother contestants were soon clashing after Isaac complained about his fellow housemate Kenaley.

Housemate Kenaley was practicing Mandarin in the row behind Isaac while wearing headphones as part of the show’s task.

Isaac fumed: “I’m gonna f**king lose my head in a minute. Seriously!”

He was then asked if everything was okay, responding: “Nah!”

He then asked the “flight attendant”: “Can you tell her to be quiet please?”

Realising she was being spoken about, Kenaley asked: “What? Are you talking to me? Why didn’t you just ask me then?

“There ain’t… there ain’t no issue. Babe, there’s no issue.”

Things quickly became heated, with Isaac and Kenaley both screaming at each other.

Isaac screamed: “Exactly! So why can’t you do it quietly as well then?”

Kenaley ran off to the aeroplane toilets upset and crying at the tense exchange, knowing she still had several hours remaining on “the flight”.

The pair later made up, with Kenaley saying: “No hard feelings at all!”

Fans of the show instantly took to social media following the clash.

One viewer tweeted: “@bbuk Unbelievable that grown adults can't control themselves for a few hours for the benefit of winning a task!!”

“I think they should be on the plane for at least 24hrs. #BBairlines #BBUK,” posted another.

A third added: “@bbuk Well done Kenaley, I'm really starting to like her as she sticks up for herself and she talks a lot of sense.”

“@bbuk Wow! Kenaley is one of the kindest, considerate people in the house. Issac needs to chill,” wrote another.

A fifth added: “@bbuk Isaac doesn't have a manner of talking to people. I can't stand the guy.”

“Isaac should be grateful as fuck to Kenaley… She saved him last week and he’s just so disrespectful. #bbuk,” fumed another.

Fans of the show called on producers to create more endurance tasks in the same vein.

One viewer tweeted: “This lot get heated over the most pointless things they really don’t really have to do much to p**s each other off. More tasks like this please #BBUK.”

“This plane task is absolutely genius #BBUK #saveBBUK,” posted another.

Big Brother continues tomorrow on at 10pm.

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