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After Lots of Bluster, Trump Has a Week to Brag About

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“Independents especially are tired of the chaos and the uncertainty,” said Patti Solis Doyle, who was Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager in 2008. “Yes, the economy is good; yes, Trump got two conservative judges on the court; and, yes, he is doing what he promised on the campaign trail” in terms of trade, tax cuts and tougher immigration enforcement. “But at what cost?” she asked. “Tariff wars, separating children from their mothers, huge deficit. I can go on and on.”

Mr. Trump plans to take his case on the road with a frenetic burst of campaigning in the weeks to come. He heads to Kansas on Saturday and will be on the road six of the next eight days, mainly for boisterous arena rallies where he rouses his conservative base with red-meat speeches.

Midterm elections are about turnout, and Democrats have been more energized for months, intent on stripping Mr. Trump of his party’s control of the House and possibly the Senate. While conservatives had grown more animated over the battle for Judge Kavanaugh, once he is confirmed, Democrats may be more motivated to vote out of anger at the outcome, especially women who are upset that allegations of sexual assault were disregarded.

And it is not at all clear that when it comes to promoting his strongest political points, Mr. Trump can stay on message. Even this week, as he highlighted the new trade agreement, which he is calling the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or U.S.M.C.A., he drifted off to other subjects, as he is wont to do.

One truism of the Trump presidency has been how quickly the story line changes from week to week, or day to day. New tales of palace intrigue or flare-ups of international tension or revelations stemming from various investigations could easily swamp a message of progress by the Nov. 6 election.

As Mr. Axelrod said, it is not clear “how any of this will factor in a month from now, which is an eternity in the Age of Trump.”

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