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X Factor 2018 Robbie Williams shocked after Tom Richards take swipe in ITV UK show | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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X Factor’s auction stages continue this evening on ITV and there’s one hopeful who is particularly familiar to the judges. 

Louis Tomlinson auditioned for the talent show back in 2009, as did Tom Richards. 

The current judge went on to enjoy enormous global success in One Direction, but Tom went back to his home town where he continued to perform locally. 

Tom appears on X Factor once more this evening as he tries to get through to the next round. 

But this time, it seems he gets off on the wrong foot as he takes a big swipe at Robbie Williams. 

Standing in front of the judges, Tom interacts with Louis for a couple moments. 

Louis, clearly shocked, exclaims: “Tom, how are you lad? We know each other.”

The contestant beams back: “Alright, how’s it going?”

Louis, 26, explains the situation to the audience before asking Tom what he’s been up to. 

Tom replies: “I’ve been busy gigging. Give me money and I’ll sing.”

Robbie, 44, asks Tom what his favourite song to sing is, to which the contestant replies with the one he was about to sing. 

The Rock DJ hitmaker then quizzes him which song he doesn’t like to sing. 

Tom cheekily replies: “Robbie Williams, Angels.”

The crowd gasps as they realise the huge swipe Tom jokingly made.

Robbie feigns offence before laughing: “Well you’ve got three yeses to work on because you’ve got a no from me!”

Tom then goes on to perform James Bay’s Let It Go, but will it be enough to take him through to the next round?

Elsewhere on X Factor, Robbie took a joking swipe at Simon Cowell over a contestant’s bombshell. 

Richard Ryan appeared as timid as a mouse, according to Simon.

But when he revealed he was a firefighter in real life, Robbie was left taunting Simon for judging him first. 

X Factor continues tonight on ITV at 8pm. 

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