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What’s on TV Wednesday: ‘American Horror Story’ and ‘Dopesick Nation’

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“American Horror Story” returns to FX. And Viceland’s “Dopesick Nation” documents the opioid crisis.

What’s on TV

AMERICAN HORROR STORY 10 p.m. on FX. “Am I going to have to put Mickey Mouse in ‘American Horror Story’?” Ryan Murphy, a creator of this anthology series, asked in January, after it was announced that much of 21st Century Fox would be sold to the Walt Disney Company. There are no signs of those famous ears in the trailer for the show’s eighth season — and from the look of it the violence hasn’t been softened — but this season, titled “Apocalypse,” is still a somewhat new form for the show. “Apocalypse” is a crossover between the show’s first and third seasons, “Murder House” (about a haunting) and “Coven” (about contemporary witches).

PITCH BLACK (2000) 8 p.m. on Sho 2. Audiences had two opportunities to see Vin Diesel flex his acting muscles (and the other kind) when this cult sci-fi film opened in February 2000, on the same day as the Wall Street drama “Boiler Room,” which also starred Mr. Diesel. In this first installment of the “Riddick” franchise, Mr. Diesel plays Richard B. Riddick, a prisoner whose spaceship crash-lands on a desert planet inhabited by bloodthirsty flying aliens. Riddick “suggests a bone-crushing hybrid of Hannibal Lecter, Harry Houdini and Hulk Hogan stomping out of a leather fetishist’s private dungeon,” Stephen Holden wrote in his review for The New York Times, adding that “in evoking a fear of darkness and of shrieking batlike things slicing at you when the lights go out, the movie shrewdly taps into the lurking primal terrors of anyone who ever had to sleep with a night light.”

DOPESICK NATION 10 p.m. on Viceland. On the subject of drugs, Viceland is perhaps best known for stoner cooking (“Bong Appétit”) and stoner reporting (“Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia,” “Weediquette”). But this new documentary series explores a far grimmer side of American drug use: the heroin epidemic. Set in Florida, it follows a pair of recovering addicts working to save users.

CRISIS ON WALL STREET: THE WEEK THAT SHOOK THE WORLD 10 p.m. on CNBC. The Times columnist and CNBC anchor Andrew Ross Sorkin hosts this documentary about the 2008 financial crisis, tracing the fall of Lehman Brothers and interviewing Wall Street executives about the turbulent events. The period’s effects “still echo in the way we live today — in the attitudes that pervade our economy, our culture and our politics,” Mr. Sorkin wrote in The Times this week. “The crisis was a moment that cleaved our country.”

What’s Streaming

ON MY SKIN (2018) on Netflix. While home viewers will have to wait for some of the movies Netflix premiered this year at the Venice Film Festival, one of them — this Italian film from the director Alessio Cremonini — is available on Wednesday. It tells a fictionalized account of the real-life case of Stefano Cucchi, who died in 2009 while in police custody in Rome.

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