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What’s on TV Sunday: ‘Warriors of Liberty City’ and ‘Cesar Chavez’

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A new documentary series follows a youth football program in Miami. And Michael Peña plays Cesar Chavez in a 2014 biopic.

What’s on TV

WARRIORS OF LIBERTY CITY 8 p.m. on Starz. The Liberty City neighborhood in Miami, one of the city’s poorest and one that struggles with pervasive gun violence, has produced a slew of notable football players. That area is the setting for this documentary series, which premiered earlier this year at the festival South by Southwest and counts LeBron James among its executive producers. The series spends a season with a youth football program, and through the sport paints a portrait of life and adolescence in this distinctive Florida community. (Those topics were also notably explored in the same neighborhood in Barry Jenkins’s “Moonlight.”)

IN DEPTH WITH GRAHAM BENSINGER 11 p.m. on Fox. Graham Bensinger’s interview program typically features professional athletes. His guest in this episode — the actor Jon Hamm — isn’t one, but their discussion reveals that Mr. Hamm pivoted into acting from a life of varsity sports. The episode also features Mr. Bensinger and Mr. Hamm making a memorable trip to the batting cages.

CESAR CHAVEZ (2014) on Amazon Prime. On April 28, 1973, things weren’t looking good for the farm worker-turned-activist-icon Cesar Chavez. “The red and black flags of the United Farm Workers Union are again flying along the hot, dusty roads, and the cry of ‘huelga’ (strike) is again echoing across the lush California grape fields,” Steven V. Roberts wrote in The New York Times. “Cesar Chavez and his farm workers, who have formed the first successful agricultural union in history, are fighting for their lives, and right now they appear to be losing.” About a decade before, Mr. Chavez — along with the activist Dolores Huerta — had founded the National Farm Workers Association (now the United Farm Workers of America), marking a watershed moment for laborers in the agricultural industry and bolstering a fight for their rights that Mr. Chavez would help to lead for years to come. Diego Luna’s biopic casts Michael Peña in the role of Mr. Chavez and Rosario Dawson as Ms. Huerta, covering over a decade’s worth of events including the founding of their union and a highly publicized 1975 march in Modesto, Calif. In his review for The New York Times, A.O. Scott praised the film’s sense of urgency and timeliness, but said that its depiction of its subject’s heroism lacked dimension. “You are invited to admire what Cesar Chavez did,” he wrote. “But it may be more vital to understand how he did it.”

MOONRISE KINGDOM (2012) on Hulu. Wes Anderson’s meticulously arranged ‘60s fable is thrifty with its all-star cast (which includes Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Jason Schwartzman and Frances McDormand) and instead focuses its attention primarily on a young boy (Jared Gilman) and girl (Kara Hayward). They run away together into that mystical place that’s beckoned everyone from John Muir to Cheryl Strayed: the wild.

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