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Weight loss: Susanna Reid shed a stone - diet plan revealed

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Susanna Reid’s weight loss has impressed viewers who have commented on the ITV presenter’s shrinking frame. 

The Good Morning Britain presenter revealed how she has lost 14 lbs.

It’s all down to giving up this one this type of drink.

Fifty-three year-old Susanna revealed she had stopped drinking for September.

However, it was Piers Morgan who revealed that Susanna had lost some weight.

He said: “We’ve got a reaction to Susanna’s revelation that she is on a dry September.

“Judy in Richmond says Susanna Reid looks like she’s lost four pounds.

“It’s actually 12 pounds, since she stopped drinking.”

Susanna then corrected him revealing she has actually lost a total of 14 pounds.

Piers asked his co-star: “How much have you lost now?”

She replied: “A stone.”

Susanna revealed she is using an app to stay sober for September.

However, she revealed she actually started on 26 August. She said on Twitter: “It’s called NOMO (no more hangovers).”

How can you lose weight and carry on snacking

Talking to the Express.co.uk, top nutritionist Liam Mahoney from sports nutrition brand, Grenade, reveals how to snack smarter and lose weight while snacking.

According to Liam, “The thing to do is take a step back from what you are doing and think whether you are actually hungry or you are just eating more because it is there, you will find that it is more often the latter. Try to work on your mindset and your snacking habits will thank you.”

Another weight loss method that has some scientific backing is drinking apple cider vinegar

One study found that two tablespoons each day can help dieters lose weight.

In fact, those taking the drink alongside watching what they eat can lose double what those who don’t take the drink do.

A study of overweight or obese subjects found those taking the drink lost double the amount of weight over a three month period.

Scientists found the drink helped to reduced the appetite, decrease weight and cause dieters to lose inches.

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