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Wanderlust follows actress Toni Collette, 45, starring as Joy Richards who is a therapist trying to find a way to keep the spark with her husband, Alan Richards (Steven Mackintosh), alive.

It comes after a cycling accident caused her to reassess their relationship.

The couple decided to have an open relationship after years of marriage.

Tonight’s episode saw Joy and Alan’s experiment, and the marriage itself, face its biggest test yet after public and private factors threatened to tear the two of them apart.

Tom (Joe Hurst) had to finally figure out who he wanted and exactly how he’s meant to get them.

Events placed Alan’s job in jeopardy, whilst bereavement in Lawrence’s life brought him and Joy ever closer.

Those watching at home are still divided over the show, four episodes into the series.

One viewer tweeted: “Most terrible drama I have seen lately, absolute rubbish #wanderlust.”

“I had high hopes for #Wanderlust despite lots of people’s criticism and the terrible ratings - but tonight’s episode was absolutely all over the place!” posted another.

A third asked: “Why am I even still watching this sh**e? #wanderlust.”

“Really need to give up on watching #wanderlust,” wrote another.

However, others loved tonight’s continuation of the BBC One show.

One viewer tweeted: “Love #wanderlust @ZaweAshton Is amazing in it!!!”

“It pains me, it physically pains me, that #Wanderlust is getting such poor ratings. I don't think I've hated BARB viewers this much since River flopped,” said another.

A third added: “So many things I am enjoying about BBC's #Wanderlust. Tonight, my appreciation is for Nick Payne's writing and the realistic portrayal of female sexual desire.”

A synopsis for next week’s episode teases the unveiling of several secrets.

The synopsis reads: “In the midst of all the turbulence in her life, Joy's regular therapy session with Angela becomes an in-depth exploration of the secrets Joy has been hiding from everyone, even herself.

“Wanderlust looks at how we build and maintain happy relationships and asks if lifelong monogamy is possible - or even desirable.

“Wanderlust is a searingly insightful and funny exploration of the relationships of a multi-generational family.”

Wanderlust continues next Tuesday on One at 9pm.

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