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The Apprentice 2018: Lord Sugar lifts the lid on Piers Morgan cameo | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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Lord Alan Sugar and Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan regularly go at each other on social media, firing insults left, right and centre on Twitter.

But will their war of words cross-over to The Apprentice when the hit BBC show returns next week for its fourteenth season?

At present, Baroness Karen Brady and Claude Littner support Lord Sugar, 71, in his venture to find his next business partner.

However, some would argue there is plenty of room for Piers, 53, to inject himself in the series if need be.

Unfortunately, Lord Alan has no intention of hiring Piers, bluntly saying: “No, he won’t be on the show.”

He said: "Piers wouldn't last two minutes. He did the Celebrity Apprentice series 13 years ago and got fired.

"He conveniently forgets to mention that."

Speaking to The Daily Star about Pier’s appearance on The Apprentice US, he added: “He goes on about how he got hired on the American show but I made that happen."

The businessman claims to have coached Piers on how to win the US version of The Apprentice, which was hosted by President Donald Trump.

Although Piers will not be making an appearance on the show, Lord Sugar did confirm Celebrity Apprentice will be released later this year.

Not wanting to give away too much though, the business mogul simply said the series was “in production”.

Until then Lord Sugar fans can look forward to latest series of The Apprentice, which begins next month on BBC One.

Once again 16 contestants will battle it out to get Lord Sugar’s investment and become his next business partner.

They will complete a number of tasks over the course of 12 weeks until just one victor remains to be crowned the winner of the competition.

Last year James White and Sarah Lynn were both crowned champions of The Apprentice and received a £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar.

Speaking exclusively to after her win, Sarah said: “I think James and I really did have a good bond going into that process, throughout it.

“It was the case of when we got to the final boardroom you know, business is business, nothing’s personal.

“[We said] we’ll both go in and do what we have to do, and may the best man or the best woman win.

“So it was just an even better feeling to have that respect for each other and go in and do what we have to do and come out as joint winners."

The Apprentice 2018 starts next Wednesday on BBC One at 9pm.

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