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Rachel Riley Twitter: Countdown star urges fans to do life-saving test | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

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Rachel Riley, 32, took to her Twitter to reveal she had just had an eye test after admitting she hadn’t had one in a long while.

The Countdown host explained she was “nudged” by an expert to get the test, and took to her page to pass on the advice.

In a caption on a video uploaded to her page, she said: “If like me, you haven’t had an eye check up in a while, go and have one!

“They’re important as 50 per cent of sight loss in unavoidable.

“@Galloswayblind gave me some info as a nudge to go, consider this a poke from me to you to go! #NationalEyeHealthWeek.”

Rachel was swiftly inundated by fans with stories about their experiences.

One user wrote: “A few years back our optician caught my son's brain tumour with the peripheral vision test.

“If it hadn't been removed, he'd be dead by now!”

Rachel replied: “Glad to hear you caught it Steve. Never knew what life savers eye-tests can be.”

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