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Outlander season 4 spoilers Sam Heughan compares Black Jack Randall and Stephen Bonnet | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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Outlander fans breathed an enormous sigh of relief when British Redcoats soldier Black Jack Randall (played by Tobias Menzies) was finally killed in the season three premiere last year.

The twisted psychopath tormented Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) for years and the Scottish Highlander will forever have the memories engraved on his back after his savage whipping.

The evil Black Jack took things much further when he raped and abused him in Wentworth prison, leaving Jamie so repulsed by the trauma he even contemplated taking his own life.

Luckily Claire (Catriona Balfe) was there to bring back from the edge and despite undergoing a rocky journey Jamie eventually killed his tormenter in the middle of the Battle of Culloden.

Season four is a refresh on everything as married couple Jamie and Claire are finally settling down at their new home Frasers’ Ridge in the American colonies.

As part of this, the show will feature a brand new villain in the form of Stephen Bonnet (Ed Speleers), who already sounds like a fascinating character from his limited backstory.

But Sam has now painted a bigger picture about the Irish pirate, revealing a very importance difference between him and former Fraser enemy Black Jack.

When asked whether Stephen is “worse” than Black Jack, as executive producer Maril David reportedly claimed he would be, Sam remained vague.

“Is that possible?” the star told Radio Times. “To be worse than Black Jack Randall?”

“Is it? Tell us!” the interviewer then demanded. “Can you tease any of the terrible things he’s going to do…”

“We do have a new villain, Stephen Bonnet,” Sam clarified. “I think what makes him worse than Black Jack is he’s charming.

“Black Jack Randall was an incredible foil to Jamie and Claire, but this is the new world now.”

“We’re going into new territories and new villains,” the actor added with a glint in his eye.

Elsewhere, fans have noticed one very heart wrenching scene between the married couple is not what it seems at all in the latest trailer.

Surgeon and mother-of-one Claire starts training to handle a rifle gun, and following some tense fighting the video sees Claire tightly hugging a curly red-headed man.

One theory suggests the person is a mystery man and not Claire’s husband Jamie. But who is it?

Sharing their thoughts on Twitter, fans were convinced the theory was true.

One person wrote: “Not sure if it's been discussed, but I doubt this is Jamie that Claire is hugging. #Outlander #CanYouHearTheDrums. Thanks to @OutlanderOnline for the screencap @Outlander_STARZ.”

“Yes I thought it was a different redhead that Claire was hugging,” another viewer speculated.

Outlander season four returns to STARZ and Amazon Prime Video November 4.

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