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Obama vs. Trump: Trevor Noah Makes The Call

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Certain questions provoke lots of debate, even when there’s no real way to resolve them. Could LeBron James have beaten Michael Jordan on the basketball court? Could Mike Tyson have defeated Muhammad Ali in the boxing ring?

A new question was added to that category over the weekend when former President Barack Obama returned to the stump to campaign for Democrats in the midterm elections: Could Donald Trump have beaten Obama in an election for president?

“It’s on,” Trevor Noah said on Monday’s broadcast of “The Daily Show.” ”President Obama vs. President Trump, the leader vs. the tweeter, yes we can vs. way too tan.”

“Seeing Trump and Obama back to back really shows the contrast between these two. Right?” Noah added. “They couldn’t be more different. It’s like night and day, like ebony and anarchy.”

Check out the video above for more of Noah’s analysis.

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