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Killing Eve spoilers: Villanelle star Jodie Comer exposes HUGE murder secret | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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Tonight’s first instalment will kick off with Villanelle (played by Jodie Comer) carrying out an assassination in Vienna which attracts the attention of Eve (Sandra Oh).

Despite being watched by MI5, Villanelle will continue to murder those who could reveal her identity.

Speaking about the killings, actress Jodie exposed a backstage secret about how each one is portrayed.

Describing the murder weapons, Jodie told press including “They’re always rubber, the knives are always bendy and it’s definitely all smoke and mirrors but it was something that I’ve never done before.

“The weapons weren’t always what you thought it was gonna be and that was what was exciting if there was a kill.

“Always interesting to see what is was she was actually doing with what.”

While Jodie was happy to chat about Villanelle’s murder weapons, she remained tight-lipped on which murder was her favourite.

“Which kill was my favourite?” she asked.

“There’s quite a few. It was a lot of fun.”

Meanwhile, writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge opened up on the character of Villanelle and what makes her so interesting to audiences.

“Villanelle is designing her own life,” she explained.

“It’s like she thinks ‘I’d look f*****g brilliant on a motorbike’, no one is watching her while she’s doing it she’s like ‘this the the life I have decided to be living’.

“It’s not about Villanelle looking cool, it’s about Villanelle feeling cool. You’re feeling her and you’re feeling like she’s living the life she wants to live.

“She can have sex with anyone she wants, so she does. She’ll have a motorbike because ‘fuck it’ and she’ll eat a tiny sandwich on a hillside because she can.

“She’s kind of in the Villanelle movie of her life and I think the moment she had that self awareness, anything became possible.”

Phoebe concluded: “She’s not entirely sure who she is and I think she’s constantly trying to put these different people on but without insecurity which I think is what’s fun about her.”

She went on to note how Villanelle contrasts with Eve and how they complement one another.

“It’s like you’ve got two shows in one. You get this kind of office drama with Eve who’s the kind of accessible character who you think you know and then you think ‘oh, I didn’t want to kill my husband the way she wants to kill her husband’,” Phoebe noted.

“But there’s all those kind of details about her that come out. You’re revealing this everywoman to be something more extraordinary.

“And on the flip side you have this extraordinary woman and you’re slowly revealing her need to be normal. That balance, and from the books as well, feels like two stories.”

Killing Eve airs tonight on BBC One at 9.15pm.

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