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For Hannah Storm and Andrea Kremer, History in the Broadcast Booth

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We have seen — just in general in sports — a lot more diverse voices in recent years, and that is because there have been some very important societal issues that have touched the sports world, and we needed diverse voices, we needed different perspectives. Even if you look at the sports landscape today compared to very recently, it’s much more diverse because we have, thankfully, come to understand that a lot of perspectives are important.

Do you feel like right now you are part of any sort of larger movement or some moment in time we are in?

Kremer: Football in some ways has always been viewed as the last bastion for male domination in sports, so I think in some ways it is kind of ironic that it is the first ever all-female booth, covering the N.F.L.

In terms of the societal impact, I think that may be for other people, but the really important thing is, it’s not like Amazon set out to, “Wow, let’s put women in because the Me Too movement is going on.” It’s not what the intent was. The intent was, look at it from a business perspective. They spent $50 million to stream. Why would you have streaming rights to a tremendous Fox broadcast and then try to do the same thing? You don’t want to do the same thing.

Is calling live games still the pinnacle of sports broadcasting?

Storm: Storytelling is great — there are so many muscles that you can stretch — but really when all is said and done, it is all about the live event. Therein lies the thrill, therein lies the challenge of not knowing what is going to happen and have a completely blank slate, if you will. I would say that, in that sense, it is the pinnacle, because that’s what sports is: I t is live, and you don’t know. It is unscripted, so let’s go.

When will this cease being a big deal?

Storm: It is impossible to project. Obviously this is a streaming service that has different abilities and priorities than what we think of as traditional television, and are not beholden to ratings. They are broadcasting to 200 countries in the world and they are all about serving their subscribers and offering options.

Honestly, this is trending in the right direction, but you know, it has been slow. I think in some ways things have changed — it feels like rapidly — and at the same time it feels like slowly.

Kremer: There is one other thing I want to add quickly: We have a lead producer and a content producer, and both of them are women. Is it almost a great coincidence that they’re women? Yes. But they are people that we know and trust. We may have a small team, but we have a team behind us.

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