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Easy-peel avocados, a cutting edge idea

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The EasyAvo has been introduced by Tesco, with the fruit coming away easily from its skin when cut in half.

The variety, grown in South Africa by Tesco supplier Westfalia Fruit, could finally end the injury known as “avocado hand”.

Last year, the leading London plastic surgeon Simon Eccles said avocados should carry warning labels following a rise in knife injuries suffered when cutting into the fruit.

Mr Eccles said he treated about four patients a week for their wounds.

The EasyAvo has gone on sale in selected stores in an initial trial to gauge its popularity.

However, at £1.95 it is significantly more expensive than the standard avocado.

Tesco avocado buyer Laura Marsden Payne said: "Last year customers bought nearly 60 million avocados from us, so we're sure that this fantastic avocado will minimise fuss and make life a little bit easier.

"As the fruit ripens and moisture loss occurs in the process, the thicker, corkier skin separates more easily from the fruit flesh, compared to the thinner and more pliable skin of a Fuerte or Hass."

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