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EastEnders spoilers Hayley Slater to lose baby in tragic plot? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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newcomer Hayley (played by Katie Jarvis) will be seen to double over in pain in upcoming scenes.

The character will think she has lost her baby and calls for help, but her mum Bev (Ashley McGuire) does not care about the situation.

Kat Moon (Jessie Wallace) still doesn’t know Hayley’s baby is Alfie Moon’s (Shane Ritchie).

It will come as Bev turns up out of the blue, Hayley sends her away, despite Bev being desperate for a reconciliation.

As the pair argue, Hayley suddenly suffers a huge pain and warns her mum she fears she may be in the process of a miscarriage.

Bev shamelessly drives away, leaving her daughter on the doorstep.

The Slater family realise Hayley is unwell and rush her to hospital.

Will Hayley recover, or could she face devastating news about her baby?

Bev looks set to reveal further backstory to Hayley and the mystery surrounding the character.

A show source told the Sun: “Audiences will see Bev arrive on the Square as a ghost from Hayley’s past – her mother.

“In her first episode viewers will get a glimpse of Bev striding through Walford but when Hayley spots her she can’t hide quickly enough.

“It soon becomes clear that there is no love lost between the mother and daughter but mystery surrounds why she has arrived and how she found out about Hayley’s pregnancy.

“But one thing’s for sure, she’ll be brash and gobby — just like every other Slater — and she’ll cause plenty of drama and heartache for the clan.”

Hayley’s drama comes as the rest of Albert Square are trying to work out who shot Stuart Highway (Ricky Champ).

Actor Ricky revealed Stuart’s sinister vendetta against the Carter family will continue.

Stuart will wake from his coma next week and the Carter family are left delighted, hoping he will confirm that Mick is innocent.

However, this will not be the case, and the Carters are in for a further bumpy ride.

Actor Ricky laughed: “I hate to burst their bubble but I’m not sure that’s going to be the case!”

Halfway (Tony Clay) will visit Stuart in hospital and will be told by his brother that Mick was his attacker.

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