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Dominos free pizza gimmick goes awry after too many people get tattoos

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Domino's is by no means the first restaurant to offer up free food or perks for showing off brand loyalty.

Melbourne's Cafe 51, an Australian burger joint, offered up free burgers for life to patrons that got inked with one of the chain's signature burgers. Last year, restaurant company 40 North encouraged diners with free all-you-can-eat wings to customers to enter some of its chains on National Chicken Wing Day if they had a tattoo of a chicken or chicken wing on their body.

KFC even said it would give parents $11,000 towards their child's college tuition if they named their baby Harland, after the company's founder.

Here are some of the tattoos that Domino's fans in Russia got inked with to get their free pies:

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