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Debbie McGee: Strictly Come Dancing reveals hot air balloon crash on BBC Radio Berkshire | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

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Debbie McGee, 59, was in the midst of filming for her late husband Paul Daniel’s magic show when the incident took place.

Explaining the ordeal on her self-titled show on BBC Radio Berkshire this morning, she revealed: “Many years ago for the Paul Daniels show… we did a trick that involved hot air balloons.

“We took off from the Royal Crescent in Bath very early one morning, so one balloon went up with a camera man and obviously whatever on board.

“A few more took off, and then Paul took off, he was fine and then mine took off.

“I won’t say it was disastrous from the word go, but we took off, we bumped into two balloons from somebody else, I don’t know who they were.

“We crashed in the air when we were quite high, so you know if hot air balloons implode… you go down.

“Luckily for us, they quickly put lots more gas and fire in it and we quickly flew up over Cheddar Gorge.”

But Debbie’s nightmare didn’t stop there as the radio host revealed her hot air balloon then landed in a pig farm.

She continued: “Mine landed in the middle of a pig farm with all the muck and pigs coming up to me and grunting as if to say, ‘What are you doing here?’

“Our chaser lost us, so we had to pack our muddy balloon with - well one can not say the word - but what pigs and animals do, all over us and all over the thing.

“We had to climb over fences to get out of it and go down the road to find the farmhouse.”

Debbie, who was with the balloon’s pilot, went on to explain she couldn’t contact Paul or any of the crew because she had no phone signal.

She then alerted a farmer’s wife, who told her to wait for the others outside.

She said: “Me and this hot air balloon pilot were sat outside on the road, she obviously wanted to get off to bed.”

Giggling about the experience, she added the pair had a bottle of champagne in their hot air balloon and drank it until they were found by their crew.

Debbie added: “It’s never normal for me is it?”

Meanwhile, it comes after the ex Strictly Come Dancing star recently revealed how she encouraged her late husband to flirt with other women.

She told The Daily Mail: “Paul and I were walking down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills — where I would never shop — and I spotted them [some shoes] in a window.

“As we were looking, the sales girl was standing in the doorway.

“She was stunning — statuesque, gorgeous. I said to Paul: ‘Tell you what, you can go in and flirt with her if you buy me these.’

“And he did. They cost £600. I’d never spend that on a pair of shoes.”

Debbie married Paul back in 1988 and were together for 28 years before his tragic death two years ago aged 77.

The Debbie McGee shows airs next Sunday on BBC Radio Berkshire at 9am.

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