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Celebrity MasterChef 2018: Lisa Maxwell shocked she made it to semi-finals | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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Celebrity MasterChef has been putting its contestants through some pretty gruelling challenges.

People may have said that they went easy on the celebrities in the past, but it’s certainly not the case this season.

Tonight’s instalment had Stella Parton, Lisa Maxwell, AJ Pritchard, and Jay Blades all cooking for a place in the semi-finals of the BBC’s cookery competition.

Tonight they were put into pairs, which saw Lisa and AJ against Jay and Stella.

They were asked to try and prepare exactly the same meal in the first challenge, yet they were in different kitchens and had no recipe.

It proved to be a very tough challenge, yet the second challenge was even harder.

The pairs had to cook a three-course meal for hungry training veterinarians and it went very well for both teams.

They produced good food, with one or two mistakes, but the veterinarians were very happy, as were the judges.

It all came down to the final challenge, in which the contestants went solo and had to make two perfect plates of food for returning contestants.

This was when AJ and Lisa really excelled as they turned out some impressive dishes.

Both the judges and the former contestants were impressed by their food.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t quite the case for Jay and Stella.

Gregg and John revealed that Lisa and AJ would be going through to the next round, which will be the semi-finals.

Upon learning that she had made it through, Lisa said: “No, you’ve made a mistake, surely.”

Stella and Jay were thanked for all their hard work and they made some really good food in the process.

However, the competition continues for AJ and Lisa who have been impressive.

“Oh my goodness. I actually can’t process it. I’m a semi-finalist!” said Lisa.

That said, the competition is only going to get tougher as the eight remaining contestants will battle it out to be named this year’s Celebrity MasterChef.

Meanwhile, Gregg Wallace took a swipe at fellow judge John Torode over his age in this evening instalment.

John was struggling slightly to whisk his mayonnaise into submission, and this was when Gregg took aim at his colleague.

Gregg looked at him and said: “You alright there mate?”

He smiled and followed it up by adding: “As a younger man you’d have finished that by now.”

Celebrity MasterChef airs next Thursday on BBC One at 8pm.

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