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Casualty spoilers: Dylan Keogh set for devastating setback after shocking reveal? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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Dylan (played by William Beck) has spent his last few days trying to look out for his new friend Ciara (Belinda Stewart-Wilson) despite her protests.

Dylan and Ciara initially met at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, where they bonded over working together to stop drinking.

However Ciara went missing during the latest AA meeting, leaving Dylan to go looking for her.

After failing to find her, she was brought into his hospital once she was found collapsed outside a pub.

Although both Dylan and David (Jason Durr) suspected that Ciara had drank herself into collapsing, she denied the claims.

But although Ciara wasn’t lying about staying sober, she had been lying to Dylan about something else.

While the pair have previously slept together, they have not yet begun a relationship.

But, sick with worry over Ciara’s new-found condition, Dylan paid her a visit at home, to try to make up for his accusations against her.

However he was not expecting a man to open the door, who gladly shook his hand and introduced himself as Ciara’s husband.

Fans of the show were utterly gobsmacked by Ciara’s lies, and Dylan himself was devastated as he walked away from her house.

Fans began tweeting: “Didn't expect that ending to #Casualty.”

Another wrote: “No way is she married??? #Casualty,” set with a plethora of shocked emojis.

A third added: “Excuse me who?? Poor Dylan #Casualty.”

While a fourth mused: “Nothing ever goes right for Dylan especially relationships. I hope there is a happy ending storyline for him - he is always having bad luck #Casualty” (sic).

Despite Ciara secretly having a husband, Dylan will surely look past this and continue to look out for her.

The pair are still set on attending AA meetings and getting through their addiction, so fans will surely see them reconciling their relationship in the near future.

But how is Dylan going to look past the fact that he has now aided Ciara in cheating on her husband?

What’s more, will Dylan attempt to cut all ties with her now that the jig is up on her lies?

Or will he attempt to continue their relationship, and try to convince her to leave her husband?

Casualty continues Saturday at 8.35 on BBC One.

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