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Carol Kirkwood: BBC Breakfast star reveals REAL reason for absence | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

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Carol Kirkwood was noticeably absent from BBC Breakfast for several weeks between August and September, leaving meteorologist Matt Taylor to cover her weather segment.

The 58-year-old TV star is the main weather presenter on the morning news programme and first joined in 1999.

Viewers were particularly worried when the presenter disappeared from the popular BBC show without explanation.

In fact, fans in their droves took to social media at the time to find out where Carol had gone and wish her well.

One person tweeted: “Hi Carol, how are you doing? Are you doing OK?”

Another penned: “Hey what’s happened to Carol? Not seen her on the weather for ages now.”

Appearing a little concerned, a third added: “Hope you are OK Carol! My partner is missing seeing you on TV (as are many others too).”

Carol finally returned on Monday, but did not mention where she had been or discuss the overwhelming response she received when she was away.

Now can disclose the real reason for Carol’s extended absence after speaking to her representative Jon Briggs.

Jon said: “She’s just enjoying a well deserved vacation having taken very little in the last year, so she’s built up a lot of leave.

“We all need holidays - even Carol. She’ll be back at work on Monday.”

Carol’s fans were delighted to see back on their screens earlier this week, with many taking to Twitter to approve her return.

One admirer wrote: “Great to have you back Carol. You’ve been well missed.”

“Hi Carol, great to have you back. Welcome back and take care,” commented another.

A third enthused: “Good morning Carol, great pictures and great to have you back, brightening my day in the mornings.”

Someone else gushed: “It’s always a good morning when your smile is near, missed you honey bunny. The gorgeous talented Carol Kirkwood.”

Carol, who has won weather presenter of the year nine times, is watched by millions of viewers each day.

Confessing to feeling under “pressure” to present herself in a certain way, Carol previously said: “I like it if my hair is neat and my make-up is okay and I’m not having a fat day!”

When Radio Times her asked to elaborate on what “a fat day” meant, she explained: “Oh, when you just feel bleurgh. I didn’t get this figure eating salad, but I go to the gym and I run. I try to be healthy.“

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays on BBC One at 6am.

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