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Bodyguard spoilers: David Budd’s death revealed following Julie Montague exit? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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At the end of the third episode of Bodyguard, there was doubt over whether Julia (played by Keeley Hawes) could have survived an unexpected explosion.

Her protection officer David (Richard Madden) was seen rushing towards the stage where she was making a speech as he clocked on to what was about to happen.

However, he was blown away as a bomb was detonated in front of Julia and later scenes revealed she had been killed.

A new fan theory has suggested the blast was all a ploy and Julia is alive, but it will lead to the demise of David?

Mirroring the events of William Shakespeare’s tragic love story Romeo and Juliet, fans of the thriller believe Julia could have faked her own death.

With the surname Montague, it seems likely Julia’s character could be based on the hopeless romantic.

Juliet faked her own death as her family was at war with Romeo’s, bridging a gap between their forbidden love.

Viewers will know that Julia and David were embarking on a secret affair as they found solace in each other’s arms having had troubles in their own relationships.

In episode four, viewers saw David try to take his own life following the news of Julia's death, but found that there were blanks in his gun.

Now fans are theorising that Julia could have preempted that David would be distraught and took measures to ensured he didn't die.

One viewer wrote: "So someone went in his flat and changed the bullets to blanks, that's why I think she is still alive because she knew he would blame himself if she was killed because he is a bit unstable may take his own life or I could be trying to be to bloody clever #Bodyguard.

Noting the Romeo and Juliet theme, another added: "This is just a nuance of Romeo and Juliet isn’t it. She’s not really dead. He (tried to) kill himself. Last name Montague.. cracked it #bodyguard."

Could this of been another part of Julia’s ploy to make it seem to David she was dead, adding further speculation the thriller could be based on the Shakespearian play?

Or could it be a hint that David will die in the final two episodes?

Ahead of tomorrow night's fifth episode of the political drama, .

As David acts mysteriously at a computer, he is approached by colleague and fellow Protection Command Bodyguard Tom Felton (Richard Riddell).

Tom was also injured in the blast along with David and both men appear to have facial injuries in the preview clip.

However, Tom questions David over the death of their colleague Constable Kimberley Knowles (Claire-Louise Cordwell).

Kim was running towards the stage at the end of the third episode, which gave David the inclination that something was about to happen.

“Something the matter Tom?” David asks his colleague.

Shocked at David’s ignorance to Kim’s death, Tom replies: “We’ve lost Kim. Nobody’s heard a word from you about it.”

“Sorry mate, you’re right. I’ve been in my own head,” David replies as he tries to get Tom on side and distract him from what he’s doing on the computer.

“Let’s talk about this over a pint hey,” David tells Tom, to which he agrees but as he looks back, he seems doubtful over David’s motives for pushing him away.

What is David up to and is he being framed for the attack?

Bodyguard continues tomorrow night at 9pm on BBC.

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