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Bill Maher Breaks Down Why He Thinks Donald Trump's Base Is Ditching Him

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President Donald Trump’s “bad week,” “bad month” and “bad summer” has made Bill Maher feel a little bit “better” about the world.

On Friday’s broadcast of “Real Time,” the host picked apart the current controversies engulfing the Trump administration and concluded that he was feeling “a little lighter than I have in a very long time.”

“The polls for him are going down. The looks on the faces at the people at his rallies. I think the magic is gone,” Maher explained. “They’re bored, he hasn’t written new material. They have a look like, ‘Man, it’s a lot about you.’”

“Conmen traditionally skip town,” he added. “He’s working the same town. And eventually, even his people catch up.”

Check out the clip below:

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