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BBC Breakfast weather: Carol Kirkwood won't speak about global warming and climate change | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

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Carol Kirkwood is best known for her role as a weather presenter on BBC Breakfast.

However, while the meteorologist updates BBC viewers on what temperatures they can expect in the coming hours and days, she has now revealed she will not publicly discuss global warming.

It came during a recent interview with the Radio Times, when she was quizzed about her religious beliefs.

The star, who was brought up as a Roman Catholic, explained she still believes in a God - but not one which controls the weather.

When asked about the issue, she told the publication: “No! But I wish he’d sort out the seasons."

“They’re all running into each other," Carol continued as she referred to relatively recent extreme weather events.

During the interview, the star was quizzed on her thoughts about global warming, as well as reports by some scientists who have suggested climate change may be linked to the dramatic and dangerous weather events.

Refusing to talk about the matter, the weather presenter said: “I’m not a climatologist, I’m a weather reporter.

“I wouldn’t talk about it,” she insisted.

The Radio Times went on to explain they had asked if the BBC had an edict on the issue, at which point she repeated the same answer.

Elsewhere during the interview, the presenter opened up about working in the BBC weather team - which she joined back in 1998.

"They’re my friends, all doing a job we love,” she shared. “It’s just good fun.”

The presenter currently presents four out of the seven days the show airs each week - but would she leave her role on the morning show anytime soon?

The star was quick to confirm she didn’t have plans to bow out of the programme in the near future.

“I’d never give up the weather on Breakfast,” she confirmed.

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