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BBC Breakfast weather: Carol Kirkwood reveals reason she won't drink on weeknights | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

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Carol Kirkwood appears on the BBC One show for four out of the five days it airs during the week.

The 56-year-old, who presents the weather on the programme, has become something of a stalwart on the morning TV show since joining the BBC Weather Centre team back in 1999.

Now, the BBC Breakfast star has opened up about her weekly routine, as she explained she aims to have a relatively early bed time ahead of her early starts.

Speaking to the Radio Times, the presenter revealed she usually tries to be in bed by 9pm.

“It’s lights out by half-past,” she added.

“I used to work five days a week on Breakfast. I cut it back to four days but I’m still always sleep-deficient.

The BBC Breakfast favourite went on to reveal how her early morning gig often left her feeling less than alert.

Carol spilled: “It’s like having permanent jetlag.”

In order to ensure she feels her best during the morning show, the star explained she actively avoided drinking alcohol.

She told the publication: “I know it would have gone through my system by the morning, but if I stumbled on air, I would think, ‘I shouldn’t have had that glass of wine last night.’"

Insisting she wouldn’t want to risk not feeling on top form, the star continued: “I won’t allow myself that, because I do take my job seriously.”

During the chat, Carol went on to admit she didn’t have any plans whatsoever to make the move to a different show.

The weather presenter, who starred in Strictly Come Dancing back in 2015, insisted she would be determined to hold onto her job, even if bosses attempted to “show her the door”.

“I’d never give up the weather on Breakfast,” she shared.

“If they showed me the door I would hang on by my fingernails.

“So, as long as Breakfast wants me, I’ll be there, because I love it.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Carol opened up about a remark from a BBC viewer, which “shook” her.

The meteorologist recalled how a viewer had got in contact to criticise her accent, saying: “One woman caller heard my voice and said, ‘Oh, for heaven’s sake, girl, speak the Queen’s English.’”

“That shook me,” she admitted. “I thought, ‘I need to speak more clearly.’ So I slowed it down.”

The full interview can be seen in the latest issue of Radio Times, which is out now.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays on BBC One from 6am.

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