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Vikings season 6: How did the real Ivar the Boneless die? How could Ivar die in the show? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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Season six of Vikings will be premiering in 2019 with filming already taking place on the new episodes in Ireland.

The History Channel drama will again have 20 episodes in season six which will be split in half with a midseason hiatus in between.

Vikings is based on real-life historical events and characters as well as accounts from the time such as the poem the Httalykill inn forni.

The show has followed historical records closely with the death scene of legendary warrior Ragnar Lothbrok (played by Travis Fimmel). But will the show parallel history with Ivar the Boneless?

How did the real Ivar the Boneless die?

Ivar the Boneless did exist and according to records, he was a Viking chief of Danish origin.

The real Ivar is known to have raided Britain and wanted to take over the land he’d invaded in a bid to settle his men.

Much like in the TV show, Ivar was no stranger to cruelty and brutality during his reign.


He did indeed get the moniker of The Boneless but there’s been some dispute over the meaning of his name.

Some accounts suggest that he suffered from a medical condition, while others have said it was a commentary of his skill on the battlefield.

There is also a theory that his name was lost in translation and actually meant “the hated” rather than “the boneless”.

According to history records, Ivar went on to become the king of Dublin but his conquest ended there with suggestions that he died after this.


How could Ivar die in Vikings?

If Vikings creator Michel Hirst is following history, then could the character in the drama go the same way?

It seems likely that Ivar could be sticking around for quite a while if the writers do decide to follow history.

So it’s not likely that he will be getting killed off in season six unless time is drastically sped up.

Ivar is thought to be one of the greatest Vikings of the era and is perhaps infamous for his cruelty.


Going by this, we can expect to see more savagery from Ivar in upcoming episodes, which comes as no surprise.

Also, if we go by the history books then Ivar will eventually be leaving Kattegat and setting his sights on Ireland instead.

Most recently, actor Alex H√łgh Andersen hinted that his character could lose Kattegat.

Speaking on the Vikings panel at the recent San Diego Comic-Con, he teased: “First of all, no pressure in terms of Kattegat because everyone who ruled Kattegat lost it, so I have no idea what’s going to happen. Well, I do but I’m not going to tell you.”

He joked as he went on to say: “Big plans for a guy who can’t control himself controlling an entire population and city. So it’s going to go very well, definitely.”

Vikings season 5b will air on Amazon Prime on November 29

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